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The Fujifilm ZoomDate F2.8 aka Silvi F2.8 is one of the smallest real wide angle (24mm) cameras for 35mm film. The 21mm Ricoh GR21 is much bigger and very expensive. The Fujifilm Natura F1.9 opens one stop more, has no zoom, is very expensive too and it seems to me that there is a bit more vignetting. So the ZoomDate is a good option. 
Its main features are:

24mm F2.8 - 50mm F5.6 lens, 6 elements in 5 groups, autofocus with focus lock, min. focus 0,35m  (!)
Wide aperture priority, electronic shutter, 1-1/350
Size 105x57.5x37,  Weight 170 gr. without battery
50-3200 ISO, automatic DX coding, self-timer, automatic film advance and prespooling, time/date stamp possibility, 2 shutter buttons, selfie mode, quick mode, remote control

Camera front.
Camera back. Next to the viewer focus o.k. lamp, quick shot selector, ON/OFF button, zoom switch, battery comprtment (1 CR2 battery), back-lit LCD screen, MENU selector, film indication window. Camera sets auto flash as default. Flash guide number ~10 (m/ISO 100).
Camera top. 2 shutter buttons, selfie mode selector.
Camera bottom. Tripod socket, mid roll respool button.
Camera open. The camera prespools the whole film and then winds it back into the cartridge step by step.

This camera was made for the japanese market. So I haven't come across any other manual than a japanese one. It's a funny point and shoot camera with a very wide angle lens, good picture quality, a bit of zoom capacity in a very small pocketable body.