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The Ansco GAF Memo II Automatic is a 35mm half-frame camera introduced in 1967 by Ansco. The GAF Memo II Automatic is a re-release of the Memo Automatic from 1963 because of the name change of Ansco to General Aniline & Film (GAF). The camera is a rebadged version of the Ricoh Auto Half "zone focus", manufactured by Ricoh. All Auto Half cameras have automatic exposure and film wind via a spring motor. This camera is more interesting than most of the other Auto Half cameras models because of the zone focus system, the normal ones have a fixed focus. The camera's main features are:

35mm film half-frame camera, picture size 24 x 18 mm
Memar (Ricoh)  25mm f/2.8 (3-group 4 element) lens, 3 focus zones, F (far, 7.2m) 1.9m-∞, N (near, 3.6m) 1.5m-∞, C (close, 1.9m) 1.1m-5.6m

Fixed speed Seikosha shutter, 1/125 sec for automatic exposure, 1/30 for flash with manual aperture selection
Size 72 x 90 x 30 mm, Weight : 300 g
ISO 12-200

Front. Shutter release. Big square selenium meter around the lens. Lens has a dented ring to turn and set focus zone to the red indication dot.

Back view. Finder, it shows the focus setting and a yellow dot appears, if exposure is fine.

Seen from above. "Control center", inner disc: ISO setting, aperture indication window (shows 2.8, normally set to A for automatic aperture), dented ring, turn for selection. Cold shoe.

Seen from below. Film rewind, exposure counter, spring wind, rewind unlock button (and spring release) in the center of the spring wind.

Right side. Flash socket and tripod screw.

Left side. Camera back opening knob and grip.

Camera back open open.

Camera and its original case..

The Ansco GAF Memo II Automatic is a well designed compact camera, its handling is very easy. With fixed shutter speed it's for outdoor use, a flash is necessary for interior photos. Pictures are sharp. It's sturdy and quite heavy. Today's full format cameras are not bigger and they weigh less. So this is a nice vintage camera of limited use, but it's fun.