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The Ricoh Auto Half SL is a 35mm half-frame camera introduced in 1970 by Ricoh. The camera is based on the Ricoh Auto Half "zone focus", but it has a much better 1:1.7 lens, it has a Cds meter and a variable shutter. All Auto Half cameras have automatic exposure and film wind via a spring motor. This camera is the most interesting of all Auto Half camera models. The camera's main features are:

35mm film half-frame camera, picture size 24 x 18 mm
Rikenon 35mm f/1.7 (4-group 7 element) lens, 3 focus zones, 0.9m-∞, hyperfocal setting

Automatic shutter 1/30 - 1/250, 1/30 for flash with manual aperture selection
Size 75 x 90 x 54 mm, Weight : 395 g
ISO 25-400, no accessory shoe

Front. Self timer, lens and viewer, Cds meter window.

Back view. Finder, it shows a yellow dot, if exposure is fine.

Seen from above. "Control center", inner disc: ISO setting, dented ring, selection: off, aperture for flash (1/30), A (automatic shutter speed and aperture). Shutter button.

Seen from below. Film rewind, exposure counter, spring wind, rewind unlock (and spring release) in the center of the spring wind.

Right side. Flash socket and tripod screw.

Left side. Camera back opening knob and grip.

Camera back open open.

The Ricoh Auto Half SL is a well designed compact camera, its handling is very easy. With variable shutter speeds it's for outdoor and indoor use, a flash is necessary for dark interiors. Pictures are sharp and well exposed. It's sturdy and very heavy. Today's full format cameras are not bigger and they weigh a third. There is no indication of shutter speed or aperture selected by the camera. No indication of focus either, you have to remember to set it properly. So even this is a nice vintage camera of limited use, but it's fun. In my opinion the focal length of 35mm is a bit long. It's good for photographing people in the street at daylight. Set to hyperfocus you are fine for about quick 75 shots on a 36 roll.