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The Yashica 72 E appeared in 1962 as an answer to the Olympus Pen. It had all the features of the Pen, but had a built-in meter added. So it had all you need to get top quality results from your film. There was a successor,  the Yashica Mimy with automatic exposure, but with a fixed focus lens and then a Mimy S which can be focussed again.

The camera's main features are:

35mm film half-frame camera, picture size 24 x 18 mm
Yashinon 28mm f/2.8-22 lens, min focus 0.8m

Shutter speed B,  1/8- 1/250s
Size 108 x 70 x 43 mm, Weight : 370 g
ISO 10-400, selenium meter, PC flash socket, tripod socket, cable release socket

Front with cap.

Front. Big selenium cell around the lens. PC flash socket on the body

Back view. Meter ISO adjust, finder and film advance at the bottom.

Seen from above. Exposure meter. The scale has to be preset according to the film speed by turning the small silver knob near the finder, the exposure needle will indicate exposure values, EV. Accessory shoe. Shutter button with cable release thread. On the lens barrel: time and aperture scale with little window for the EV value (13 in the picture). Distance setting on the smaller, inner ring aroud the lens.

Seen from below. Rewind handle, exposure counter with tripod socket in its center, rewind unlock button. Back opening tab on the right edge.

Camera back open open.

Camera and its original leather pouch.

Camera with tiny shoe meter. The selenium meter is dead on mine, as on quite many of these cameras. If you want a working one, check with the seller before you buy.

The shoe meter doesn't add much to the size.

The Yashica 72 E is well designed, its handling is very easy. It has a very good lens for crisp photos and there are 72 photos on a 36 exp. film. The meter is quite handy. As there are many cameras with dead meters, check with the seller that the meter really works. The camera is relatively small, but modern full format cameras are not bigger and they weigh less. So this is a beautiful vintage camera and it's fun to use it.