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The Olympus XA is one of the two smallest 35mm film rangefinder camera ever built (the other being the Contax T). Unlike other ultra-compacts, the lens unit does not fold or extend. Focussing is done by moving one of the 5 groups inside the lens via a lever, coupled to a real rangfinder. You just slide the dustcover open and it's ready. Its main features are:

35mm F2.8 lens, 6 elements in 5 groups, coupled rangefinder, min. focus 0,85m
Aperture priority (2.8-22), electronic shutter, 10sec.-1/500, speed indication 1-1/500 in the viewer/rangefinder window
Size 102x64,5x40,  Weight 225 gr.
25-800 ISO, backlight compensation, self-timer

Well protected behind the sliding "dust cover". Sliding aperture control/flash switch.
back side
Seen from above. Rewind knob, shutter button, exposure counter.
Seen from below. It takes 2 LR/SR44 batteries, still available. Exposure compensation/battery check/self-timer switch, rewind unlock button, tripod socket.
Cover open. Focussing via the lever under the lens, accessible from the bottom. ISO switch.
With flash attached. 3 flash modes: ISO 100 auto, 400 auto, full. Unlike other compacts you can still fit the camera into your pocket with the flash attached. There are 2 flash models available, the A11 shown above, guide number 10 (m/100 ISO), with one AA battery and the A16 (guide number 16), bigger, with 2 AA batteries. Auto setting is F4 and 1/30, just slide the F-slide to the top, past F2.8 and the flash will charge. Set to full mode you can slide the F-slide back to the F-stop you desire, but you will have to figure out the correct settings yourself.
Camera open.

The XA is the top model of the series. All other XA models have no rangefinder and a cheaper lens. So they are less desirable.