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The  Agfa Optima Sensor 1535 is not a real compact. But it is a relativly small and light 35mm film camera with automatic exposure and a very big, super bright rangefinder. It's ideal for people who wear strong glasses. When it was released in 1979, it was very advanced. It is a typical German design from the 70s, easy to handle. Its main features are:

40mm F2.8 Solitar S lens, 4 elements in 3 groups, rangefinder, min. focus 0,90m
Automatic electronic shutter, 15sec.-1/500, Aperture F 2.8-22, Flash with manual aperture and automatic flash detection. 2 exposure LED in viewfinder.
Size 104x69x56,  Weight 260 gr.
25-500 ISO, cable release socket.

Front: ISO setting and indicator on the upper part ogf the lens. Bright rangefinder and viewfinder.

hot shoe with flash detection, rewind switch (inverses the action of the lever), film advance lever (moving it to the shown position switches the camera on) big red shutter button.

Seen from above: On top of the lens: front: distance indication, near the body: tab for flash aperture setting, the scale is on the viewfinder side. Exposure counter on the edge, near the lever.

Seen from below.  Film wind control. Around the lens,
near the body: flash aperture setting scale.

Rear view. view/rangefinder with bright lines.

Camera open.
The battery compartment is inside, it takes 3 625U batteries, still available. The peg retracts automaticly. The unwound film is shielded by a cover. Automatic film engagement.

Camera with shoulder strap and original case. The strap screws into the tripod mount on the side.

The Agfa Optima 1535 is a nicely designed and easy to handle camera. It's the top of the Optima Sensor line. The
big, super bright rangefinder is ideal for people who wear strong glasses. Its easy handling makes it a good camera for beginners and children.