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The Canon Sure Shot Max, Prima 5 in Europe (Autoboy Mini in Japan) was a very successful and very compact camera, launched in 1991. An autodate version was available. Its main features are:

38mm F3.5 Canon lens, min. focus 0.65m
Shutter speeds 1/8s-1/250s, 1/60s-1/250s with flash on
Size 125x68x38,  Weight 220 gr.
DX code ISO 25 - 3200, auto wind, AE, self-timer, flash off/auto/flash on slider

Front closed and special pouch.

Front open. The camera on button sits on the lens.
Flash guide no. is 9/100 ISO.

As the camera body is very flat, the lens moves out a bit more than usual.

Back view. Viewer and focus confirm/flash charge lamp. Very useful slider for flash off/auto flash/flash on. Film type window. And yes, the hinges of the battery compartment are broken. Takes one CR123 battery

Seen from above. Just a shutter button, a mechanical film counter and a mis roll rewind button.

Seen from below. Tripod socket.

Film compartment open.

This camera is very easy to use. You slide it open and push the shutter button, that's all. Autofocus is very reliable. There are no features except the very useful flash slider. All the rest is automatic. It has a very good lens, hence good picture quality. No slow shutter speeds for night photos. It's very small and light. Point and shoot as basic and good as possible.