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The Contax T is one of the two smallest 35mm film rangefinder cameras ever built (the other being the Olympus XA). Designed by FA Porsche and built by Kyocera, it has a Zeiss Sonnar lens and a full metal body and it was called a rich man's vacation camera. Nevertheless several reknown photographers adopted it immediately, when it was released in 1984. Technically it is close to the Minox G-series with the same kind of hinged cover, but with a real rangefinder added.  Its main features are:

38mm F2.8 Sonnar T lens, 5 elements in 4 groups, coupled rangefinder, min. focus 1m
Aperture priority (2.8-16), electronic shutter, 8sec.-1/500, speed indication 1/30-1/500 in the viewer/rangefinder window
Size 98x66,5x32,5,  Weight 270 gr.
25-1000 ISO, backlight compensation, self-timer

Well protected behind its hinged cover.

Back side. ISO indication, ISO setting release, view/rangefinder, 1-stroke film advance lever, grip.

Seen from above. Rewind knob, exposure compensation, self-timer, shutter button, LCD exposure counter.

Seen from below. R
ewind unlock button, tripod socket, back cover release, battery compartment. It takes 2 LR/SR44 batteries.

Cover open. Focussing ring in front of the lens, aperture setting via the second ring with click stops, half stops possible.

Camera open, 7-blade iris.

With flash attached. The flash is entirely controlled by the camera photocell and synchronizes at all speeds/apertures. Flash guide number 14 (m/100 ISO), takes 2 AA batteries.

Just a single On/Off switch, all settings made by the camera.

Flash control lamp. Flash makes nearly no noise.

Camera open. The pressure plate is hinged.

Film compartment.

The Contax T is an extremely well built camera with a reknown top class lens. It is incredibly small, but gives you full manual control. The rangefinder is very clear and big for such a small camera. It belongs to the few top class ultra compacts. Prices are still high, but if you ever held one in your hands you understand why.