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The Cosina CX-7 is a compact 35mm film camera with automatic exposure and autofocus. When it was released in 1983, it was quite advanced. It is very easy to handle: You just push the dustcover down and it's ready. There was a very similar CX70 with motorwind.

It's main features are:

33mm F3.5 Cosinon lens, 4 elements in 3 groups, autofocus, 2 indicators in viewer window, min. focus 1,2m
Automatic electronic shutter, no information about the speeds available, flash LED next to viewfinder.
Size 117x72x43.5,  Weight 280 gr.
manual 64-400 ISO, manual flash

Well protected behind the "dust cover". Sliding ISO setting and indicator, flash slider.

Seen from above. Exposure counter,
shutter button, rewind handle.

Seen from below. It takes AAA batteries. No tripod socket, no slow speeds. Rewind release.

Seen from the back. Flash charged. Film wind.

Cover open. Focussing via the lever under the lens.

Flash extended and on. GN 11.

Camera back open.

The Cosina CX-7 is a nice and easy to handle camera. It's compact and takes sharp images, but has no slow speeds.