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The Fujifilm DL Tiara Zoom is a small wide angle zoom camera (28-56mm) for 35mm film. It belongs to the top section of the ultra compact 35mm cameras. It has been released in 1996 in Japan. This model has been sold in Europe in very limited numbers, it is quite rare.
Its main features are:

28 - 56 mm F4.5 - 7.5 Super EBC Fujinon lens, 7 elements in 6 groups, autofocus with focus lock, min. focus 0,8m (wide), 0,6m (tele)
Electronic shutter, 1-1/500
Size 116x63x34,  Weight 202 gr. without battery
50-3200 ISO, automatic DX coding, self-timer, automatic film advance and prespooling, time/date stamp possibility, manual focus in 17 steps, exposure compensation

Camera front closed.

Camera back.  Next to the viewer green focus o.k. LED and red flash obstruction warning LED, zoom and program multi-switch with 4 LED, Film type window, LCD screen, SHIFT (setting) selector, DATE selector. If you press and hold the SHIFT button, the 4 LED around the zoom switch will light up. pressing the switch towards a LED will give access to: manual focus mode, exposure compensation (setting returns to normal after each photo, lock is possible), self-timer (1, 2 or 3 photos taken) and flash mode (flash off set until camera switched off). Pressing the DATE button selects date mode, pressing and holding the button sets date and time.

On top: Shutter release.

Camera bottom. Tripod socket and film mid roll rewind. Battery compartment on the right edge, takes a CR123 battery.

Camera front open. Sliding the cover switches the camera on/off.
Camera sets auto flash as default. Flash guide number ~15 (m/ISO 100).

The lens only moves out a little to Wide position.

Lens in Tele position.

Back open. It only opens a little bit, just enough to drop in a film from the bottom. The film leader is safely engaged when you close the back.

Back wide open. You have to unhinge a latch to do so. You should not do it very often. The flat cable that connects the back panel to the camera could break with age and wear and make the camera useless. This is a problem of all cameras with back panel or buttons from those days. The Fujis are not especially prone to this whereas the Leica mini(lux) series and some others seem to be more vulnerable.

This camera is easy to use, silde the cover open and it's ready. Autofocus is responsive and works well. Putting a film is easy as well, the back opens only a little bit, you drop the film and that's it. The camera prespools the whole film and then winds it back into the cartridge step by step. It has sufficient manual settings if needed, even manual focus in 17 small steps. The only annoying feature is auto flash set at start, which is the case with most ultra compacts.

It's a very good point and shoot camera with a wide angle to normal lens, good picture quality, nice high quality finish in a very small and light pocketable body.