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The Konica Pop EF 80 is a very basic compact camera. I got it for next to nothing in a thrift shop, so I tested it nevertheless. There is very little information about this camera. It was launched in 1996. There is a later model, end of the 1990s, with simlar features, the EF 88. The main features of the camera are:

34mm F4.3 focus-free lens, min. focus 1.3m
Camera flash indication in the viewerfinder window
Shutter speed: single,  1/125
Size 125x70x47,  Weight 205 gr. batteries included
Limited DX code for ISO 100 - 400 (only 2 contacts), auto wind, AE, flash auto.

Front closed.

Back view. Camera flash ready lamp and flash use, lights, when flash will be necessary. Viewer. Film type window.

Seen from above. Just a shutter button and an indicator for film wind.

Seen from below. Battery compartment (takes 2 AA batteries). Rewind, a mecanical film counter. No tripod socket.

Camera open.

Coming later: Film compartment open.

This camera is incredibly basic. You slide it open and push the shutter, that's all. There are no features. All is automatic. The camera has a fixed focus lens. No slow shutter speeds for night photos. No automatic spooling to the first photo and no automatic re-spooling, but auto wind between the photos. Point and shoot as basic as possible.