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The  Minolta AF-C was released in 1983. It's an automatic camera, Point and Shoot but with a reknown high quality lens. The camera has an overall excellent reputation. The sliding cover resembles the Cosina CX-2, which also inspired the makers of the Lono LC-A.

Its main features are:

35mm F2.8 Minolta lens, 6 elements in 6 groups, min. focus 0,9m
Electronic shutter, 1/8 at F2.8 to 1/430s at F17, 1/40s or shorter for flash
Size 103x67x40,  Weight 225 gr. with batteries
25-1000 ISO, special flash connection, low light warning and focus OK in the finder, focus lock

Front closed. ISO setting and self timer slider.

Back view. Viewer and film advance wheel.

Seen from above. Rewind lever, film status indicator, exposure counter, shutter release.

Seen from below. Rewind unlock button, tripod socket, battery compartment. You have a choice: either 4 SR44 or 2 CR 1/3N batteries. Attention, + is at the bottom of the compartment!

Camera open.

Film compartment open.

The Minolta AF-C is a very small and lightwight camera with a luminous, superb lens, an automatic shutter/aperture system and a reliable autofocus. It's easy to use, there is just a focus confirm light in the finder or a flash warning. It feels solid, but is very light. Point and Shoot at it's best.