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The Minox AF Mini is a very basic compact camera. It was introduced in 1994 as a replacement for the Minox AF and is very different in style. There is very little information about this camera, even in the manual.

Its main features are:

34mm F3.5 Minotar, min. focus 1.2m, close setting 50cm
F16 - 3.5
Shutter speeds ?, maybe 1/30 - 1/500 as the AF
Size 115x64x40, 170g
Limited DX code for ISO 100 - 400 (only 2 contacts), auto wind, AE, flash on button, red eye reduction, close-focus setting, self timer

Front. Nothing to open.

Back view. Flash ready lamp. Viewer. Film type window. To the right: Battery compartment (takes one CR123 battery).

Seen from above. Fill-in flash button, film counter(shows film number or 00 with no film),  close-focus, self-timer and on/off button, shutter button.

Seen from below. Tripod socket.

Camera on. The lens moves out only about 3mm.

Close focus. The lens moves out another 3mm.

Film compartment open.

This camera is incredibly basic. You switch it on and push the shutter, that's all. There are no features except flash on in backlight situations, no flash off. All the rest is automatic. The camera has a close focus setting. No slow shutter speeds for night photos. Automatic spooling to the first photo and automatic re-spooling, auto wind between the photos. Point and shoot as basic as possible. The camera is very small and lightweight.

On sunny days picture quality is fine. Because of the limited shutter and the automatic flash, even on a gray summer day and with 200 ISO film the camera has exposure problems. In my opinion they wasted a good lens on a cheap camera.