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This is a very basic compact camera. I got it for next to nothing on a flea, so I tested it nevertheless. It was launched in 1999, also named Fun Touch 6. A date version exist. There was a very similar model, the EF 400 SV (Nice Touch 5), which has no autofocus. Because of the very big and clear viewfinder it has SV = Super Viewfinder in its name. There was a successor, the re-styled AF 250 SV.

Its main features are:

28mm F5.6 lens, 3 elements in 3 groups, min. focus 1m
Flash indication in the viewerfinder window
Shutter speed fixed 1/100
Size 110x67x37,  Weight 155 gr.
Limited DX code for ISO 100 - 400 (only 2 contacts), auto wind, AE, AF, flash off or on

Front closed.

Back view. Flash OK lamp. Very big viewer. Film type window.

Seen from above. Just a shutter button and a mecanical film counter.

Seen from below. Battery compartment (takes 2 AA batteries).Tripod socket, mid-roll rewind.

Camera open. Buttons for flash always and flash Off. You have to hold the button while taking the photo. Flash guide no. is 15/100 ISO.

Film compartment open.

Camera and pouch.

Original pouch.

This camera is incredibly basic. You slide it open and push the shutter, that's all. There are no features except flash on in backlight situations and flash off. All the rest is automatic. The camera has a fixed 1/100 shutter speed. It has a big viewfinder, good if you wear glasses. No slow shutter speeds for night photos. Point and shoot as basic as possible. I did not know that Nikon made cameras that simple, it's a bit of a deception.