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The Olympus AF 1 Twin (Infinity Twin in the US) was released in 1988, a fully automatic 35mm film camera with 2 lenses, not a zoom. It inherited the new sliding cover design by Yoshihisa Maitani from the XA series. It was one of the first water-proof Olympus cameras
. Its main features are:

35/70mm F3.5/6.3 lens, 3/5 elements in 3/5 groups, autofocus with focus lock, min. focus 0,75m
Electronic shutter, 1/15-1/750s, flash ready and focus o.k. indication in the viewer window
Size 127x64x50,  Weight 255 gr. without battery
50-3200 ISO, automatic DX coding, self-timer, automatic film advance and (re-)spooling, continuous shooting mode, 1fps

Closed and well protected.

Back side. 
Battery compartment to the left, takes two CR123 batteries. Film indication window.

Seen from above.
Flash mode button, self-timer/continuous shooting button, LCD sreen, tele/wide switch, shutter button. The camera has 3 flash modes: auto-flash (default), off, fill-in flash. If you slide the cover open, remember that  it's default auto flash every time. Flash guide number ~22 (!) (m/ISO 100)

Tele mode on LCD screen

Seen from below.
Tripod socket Mid roll respool button.

Cover open.

Camera film compartment open.

This camera is easy to use. Autofocus is responsive and works well. Putting a film is easy as well, open the back, tear the film leader a bit further, drop the film and that's it. The camera spools the film automatically. As with most point and shoot ultra compacts, auto flash is set at start.

The AF1 Twin is a good point and shoot camera. Sharp images, good autofocus, a tele lens, continuous shooting mode and water-protection are among its features. It's a bit noisy, it sounds like a SLR camera. It was an advanced camera when it was released in 1988.