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Panasonic C-625AF Super Mini is said to be the same camera as the Minolta Riva Mini aka Freedom Escort. Even more interesting is its resemblance to the Leica Mini and Mini II. The Panasonic and the Minolta have a very nice Minolta lens, whereas the Leica has one which is labeled Elmar, but the differences seem to be very small. It is a moderate wide angle (34mm) camera for 35mm film. It has been released in 1991. Its main features are:

34mm F3.5 Minolta lens, 4 elements in 3 groups, autofocus with focus lock, min. focus 0,6m
Electronic shutter, 1/5-1/250 + B mode up to 5s in flash-off mode
Size 118x63x36.5,  Weight 165 gr. without battery
50-3200 ISO, automatic DX coding, self-timer, automatic film advance

Camera front. There are no blades, but there is an UV filter instead to protect the lens.

Bottom. Tripod socket.
 On the right edge: battery cover. Takes a CR123 battery.

Camera back. Built into the viewer: green multi-purpose LED for focus o.k., flash ready and slow exposure times.

LCD screen (flash off), power on/off, self-timer and flash modes. Camera sets auto flash as default. Shutter release and film mid roll rewind.

Camera on. The lens only moves out a little.
Flash guide number ~10 (m/ISO 100). 

Back open. The film leader is safely engaged when you close the back.

Camera and its original case.

This camera is easy to use. Autofocus is responsive and works very well. Putting a film is easy as well, open the back, drop the film, tear the film leader up to the mark and that's it. The camera spools the film to the first picture. As with most point and shoot ultra compacts, auto flash is set at start.

It's a very good point and shoot camera with a moderate wide angle lens. In my opinion it's a bit noisy. Pictures are sharp with good contrast.