Revue 35 FC

Revue 35 FC was built by Haking under the name Haking Compact-SC or Halina Micro 35, but also rebranded as Ansco 2000 Micro 35, Miranda 35ME and by Foto-Quelle as Revue 35FC.

Its style resembles the
Cosina CX-2 or the LOMO LC-A (which was inspired by the Cosina). But in contrast to the Cosina, this is a basic camera with a fixed focus lens, only one shutter speed and a limited choice of film speed settings. Every film speed setting is related to a fixed f-stop. You can see the size of the diaphragm through the lens when the shutter is not cocked. There is no exposure metering, but it has a built-in "autosensor" electronic flash which switches on automatically at insufficient light. The batteries are only required for the flash, so the camera perfectly works without. There was a similar model without flash.

The camera was released in the early 80s. Other than black, the camera was available in red, yellow, blue and green.

Its main features are:

38mm 3-element wide angle glass lens, coated, focus free, 0.7 m-
Shutter ca. 1/125
Size 111x70x49,  Weight 230 gr.
Lens open. It opens by moving the film advance a little bit, even when the film was already advanced. Viewer, flash (GN ~10), "film speed" selector, lens and shifter to reduce the flash power.

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