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The Ricoh Hi-Color 35 is a 35mm camera introduced in 1968 by Ricoh. The camera has a Cds meter and a variable aperture. The cameras has automatic exposure setting and film wind via a spring motor, capable of shooting at least 10 photos in 10 seconds. The camera shown is battered, it was a € 2 flea market item. The camera's main features are:

Rikenon 35mm f/2.8 (3-group 4 element) lens, 3 focus zones, 1m-∞, indication in meters available, hyperfocal setting

Shutter 1/30 - 1/300, 1/30 for flash with manual aperture selection, Auto F-stop setting, complete manual setting possible
Size 74 x 113 x 54 mm, Weight : 450 g
ISO 25-400, hot shoe

Front. Lens and viewer, Cds meter window (at 2 o'clock), speed indication window.

Back view. Finder, it shows a white dot, if exposure is fine, a red dot if light is insufficient, distance setting is indicated in a tiny, tiny window.

Seen from above.  ISO setting, hot shoe, shutter button, battery compartment (takes an E675 mercury battery, can be replaced by a SR44 or even a LR44 battery, but short battery life). On the lens barrel: aperture setting or A (automatic aperture), distance setting zones or meters, visible in the viewer. 

Seen from below. Film rewind, exposure counter, spring wind, rewind unlock (and spring release) in the center of the spring wind.

Right side. Flash socket and tripod screw.

Left side. Camera back opening knob and grip.

Camera back open open, foams have diappeared. The shutter is driven by the dented wheel via the film sprockets of the film, so if you want to test the shutter you have to move the wheel.

The Ricoh Hi-Color 35 is a well designed compact camera, its handling is very easy. With variable aperture and pre-select shutter speeds it's for outdoor and indoor use, a flash is necessary for dark interiors. Pictures are sharp and well exposed. It's sturdy and very, very heavy. It has a tiny indication window for focus in the viewer which is very handy. There is no battery switch. You either have to remove the battery if the camera is not used or to keep it in the dark to save battery power. This is a nice vintage camera of limited use, but it's fun.