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Vivitar has entered the camera market quite late. The Vivitar 35 EM ist a small camera which was first released in 1979. Its lens resembles the Minox GT series lenses but the mechanics to push it out of the camera are different.  It's manual with aperture priority. The speed is shown in the viewer and it's clearly visible, but there is no rangefinder. Its main features are:

35mm F2.8 lens (4 elements in 3 groups), min. focus 0,9m
Aperture priority (2.8-16), electronic shutter, 1sec.-1/1000, speed indication in the viewerfinder window
Size 107x69x35,  Weight 268 gr.
25-500 ISO, hot shoe, cable release socket

Front closed. The lever to push out the lens is under the body.

Back view. Viewer and film advance.

Seen from above. Rewind lever with ISO setting ring, hot shoe, battery test button and test light, shutter button with cable release socket, exposure counter.

Seen from below. Battery compartment (takes 2 SR44 batteries) lens pushing lever, tripod socket, rewind unlock button.

Camera open, lens extended.

Film compartment open.

The Vitar 35EM is a small manual camera with basic settings and functions. The lens gives sharp and contrasty pictures, the exposure system works well. It's not expensive and provides you with all what you need if you are looking for a non-automatic camera..