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The Vivitar R-600 is a very basic compact camera. I got it for next to nothing in a thrift shop, so I tested it nevertheless. There is very little information about this camera. It seems to be from the 1990s and it has at least different shutter speeds and apertures. Its main features are:

35mm F4.5 lens, min. focus ?m
Camera flash indication next to the viewerfinder window
Shutter speed: ?
Size 136x72x48,  Weight 260 gr. batteries included
Limited DX code for ISO 100 - 400 (only 2 contacts), auto wind, AE, AF, self-timer

Front closed.

Back view. Camera flash lamp and motor wind indicator. Viewer. Film type window.

Seen from above. Just a shutter button and a mecanical film counter.

Seen from below. Battery compartment (takes 2 AA batteries). Rewind, not automatic. Tripod socket.

Camera open.

If you trigger the self-timer and then press the shutter, a lamp lights. After a delay the camera fires.


Film compartment open.

This camera is incredibly basic. You slide it open and push the shutter, that's all. There are no features except a self-timer. All the rest is automatic. There are no slow shutter speeds for night photos. No automatic re-spooling, but auto wind between the photos. Point and shoot as basic as possible.