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This page shows some of the smaller half format cameras for 35mm film next to each other and some APS cameras. There are others, but these were the ones I owned. It might help you to decide which one to buy. Here they are:


Ansco CaseOympus Mju II for comparisonKiev 35A (a full frame)
Ansco Memo II AutomaticFujica MiniAgat 18K
Ricoh Auto Half SLFujica Mini CaseTessina L
Canon Dial 35Taron ChicOympus Mju II for comparison
Fujifilm Nexia Q1 APSCanon Ixus IIFujifilm 1000ix TiaraMju II

Seen from above (width comparison). The Agat came a bit later and was mounted into the photos. The second row came after the first version of this page and the last was added later.

The Tessina isn't a real half format and its 35mm film has to be transferred into special cassettes. But it's a real twin reflex and it's so incredibly small that there might be some interest and much fun in using it. It's a gem. Compared to the Olympus Mju II full format, there is little interest in any other half format camera, except getting twice as much photos on a film and the fun using old cameras. The Ansco is heavy, the Fujica is very heavy and the Ricoh is very heavy and quite big, but offers a F 1.9 lens. The Agat is a very basic camera, but has an astonishingly sophistcated exposure system. It's light and might teach you a lot about the basics of taking pictures. The Canon Dial 35 is a full featured camera, except slow speeds, but it's bigger and heavier than a modern full frame. Same for the Taron Chic, which has at least a B speed.

The APS cameras were a good try to make cameras still smaller. The Fuji Tiara is a full featured gem and the Canon Ixus is incredibly small for a zoom camera. It's a shame that APS film isn't made any more. Otherwise they would have been favourites.

Except the Tessina, which is a must-have if you are into small cameras and technical wonders, my preferred is the cheapest: the Agat 18k. The exposure system works well, no battery, low weight and small size. It's fun to re-discover real film with this tiny camera, which gives sharp pictures nevertheless..